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Men Carrying Shame

Spatial installation, painting and 16:9 video, 2015

To date, the men who have become hopelessly addicted to pornography seem to still receive surprisingly little understanding from the public. They tried in vain to rid the sense of shame. A brave new world is within an arm’s length outside the window, yet they cannot help but sit idly in front of the screen. Their physical experiences are completely unhooked from the real world. They subjugate themselves to their obsession with obscene images. No one really cares about their inner world. The Taiwanese men who grow up in the company of Japanese porn serve as a stellar example of such sense of shame. The work Men Carrying Shame addresses exactly this unresolved issue. It contains a box with a hole that allows each viewer to hide his/her upper body and watch the video “in private,” while his/her lower body is exposed. The video repeatedly displays a similar hole in which heterogeneous elements and spaces are collaged illogically.