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A Horror Day

HD video, 6’00”, 2010

Since its inception, horror has been a classic film genre and continued to affect people’s worldview and life for generations. Delicately made images are delivered to every household’s TV via broadcast. One night, after taking medicine, which had blunted my senses, I finished watching a re-run horror, un-scared. It was the next morning that I felt consumed by fear. Life could be a horror film itself, I found. Horrifying sounds, camera moves, editing techniques and the viewer’s own imaginations have all invaded our life. Nothing more horrifying can occur, as if horror had become a habit, or a standard procedure.

恐怖電影(horror movie)自從問世以來,做為一種經典類型,已經持續影響著人們的世界觀與生活好幾個世代。而透過電影台的持續傳送,這些精心製作的影像不間斷地被傳送到每個家庭的螢幕裡。某個夜晚,由於藥物效果對知覺的影響,我毫無恐懼地看完了某支重播的恐怖片,當下竟毫無驚懼效果。然而隔日醒來,一切卻開始步步驚魂,彷彿我的日常生活也可以是一支恐怖電影。恐怖的聲音、運鏡與剪接,以及對恐怖的想像,此時已經嵌入了我們的生活,沒有更恐怖的事情即將發生,但是這一切卻彷彿是一種恐怖的慣性與標準程序。