She Ate the Face

By Su Hui-yu
She Ate The Face |  video | 15’00” | 2010  (stills of the video)

She Ate The Face | video | 15’00” | 2010 (stills of the video)

“She Ate The Face” was about food, sex, subconscious and dreams. The artist patched up fragments of his dreams, among them there was a nice looking woman, and stewed pork the artist always loved. With these sources Su Hui-Yu created a video of a naked woman eating a pig head that was opposite to the stereotypic images of nice looking woman loving gourmet, instead, the video presented humankind’s primitive desires of devouring-desires swallow one another. This artwork, however eccentric, projected the truthful human mindset and the collective subconscious regarding dream/ reality and desires/ food.