Su Hui-Yu was born in Taipei in 1976. He obtained an MFA from Taipei National University of the Arts in 2003, and has remained active in the contemporary art scene ever since. Su is fascinated by the intricate tapestry interwoven by images, media, history, and daily life. In his videos, he explores both mass media’s impact on viewers, and the projection of viewers’ thoughts and desires onto media. He draws from his experiences of being surrounded by media that range from movie, TV culture, advertisement, state apparatus, terrorism, self and other, body, projection of desires, and illusion and reality. Recently, Su’s interest in old books, from which he re-reads, revises and appropriates texts for his work, has led him to a new understanding of physicality, existence, and history. His work has been exhibited at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, MoCA Taipei, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Hong-Gah Museum, Jut Art Museum, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, San Jose Museum of Art in California, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University, and Power Station of Art in Shanghai. In 2017, his work, Super Taboo, was invited to the International Film Festival Rotterdam(IFFR) and was a nominee in the short film category for the Tiger Award for Short Film. The film festival also held an artist tribute screening named “The Midnight Hours” for SU’s works. In addition, Su was awarded the Asian Cultural Council Fellowship Award and participated in a residency program in New York City in 2009.

影像、媒體、史料與日常生活交織後的複雜現象吸引著蘇匯宇,過去他以錄像探討大眾影視媒體對人們觀看的影響,以及人們對媒體的思想與慾望的投射。電視與電影的暴力美學、失眠夜的恍惚情境、虛實交錯的幻境景象、電影文化對於女性身體影射或明示的情色與性暗示等,其各式創作主題皆取材於自身被媒體環繞的相關經驗,從電影、電視文化、廣告、國家機器、恐怖主義、自我與他者、身體、慾望投射乃至幻覺與真實等議題都是他的關注項目。近期蘇匯宇開始著迷於古籍與稗官野史的閱讀經驗,透過重讀、重敘與重新組裝過往時代的書籍,獲取對於身體、存在與歷史等課題的重新認識。作品曾先後展出於台北市立美術館、國立台灣美術館、台北當代藝術館、關渡美術館、高雄市立美術館、加州聖荷西美術館、康乃爾大學的強森美術館以及上海當代藝術博物館等重要機構。曾獲ACC「國巨科技藝術獎」獎助,於2009年前往紐約駐村。2013年錄像作品《稍待片刻》獲邀參加「盧森堡電影節」,於 Casino Luxemburg當代藝術中心播映。2017年,獲邀鹿特丹影展參展,舉辦藝術家個人專題放映「Su Hui-Yu: The Midnight Hours」,作品《超級禁忌》更以雙頻道錄像形式入圍金虎獎短片類競賽(Tiger Award for Short Film)。